Event Info:

  • Thu 08 November, 2018
  • 09:44
  • Factory Phnom Penh
  • Member Event


In a job interview, have you ever been asked the following question: “Sell me this pen?

How did you react? Did you look at the object trying to find the answers in it?

You are not born a salesperson; you become one. Could you generate more revenue? Does your offer meet the real customers’ demand? Are you selling the right product/service or are you selling for the sake of selling? Have you been tapping all sales opportunities? How confident are you in your product/service, and your ability to sell?

To be a master in your own field, consistent education is a must. In this interactive training seminar, you will become more aware of your pitfalls, and will learn how to maximize your sales.

  • Avoid the me, myself and I syndrome
  • Understand what selling is really about
  • Learn and use the sales process: from prospecting to closing
  • Develop new sales techniques
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Advance your career in sales

Register here: https://www.laurentnotin.com/trainingseminars.html