Posted by: LBL International

Job Details
  • Location: Phnom Penh
  • Career Level: Employment
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Salary Range: TBD
  • Start Date: Sun 01 April, 2018
  • Application Deadline: Sat 31 March, 2018
Job Description

LBL International is looking for a Construction Project Manager to lead the construction projects from the elaboration to the final delivery to the client. The construction project manager is a key role for the client satisfaction and on the running of the company. The construction project Manager will indirectly report to the Managing director.


  • Implement, maintain & improve all project activities according to Company’s requirements.
  • Establish construction schedule or construction plan for his/her project.
  • The PM can be asked to manage one or several projects in the same time following the size of the project(s).
  • Monitor and continually improve the effectiveness of activities relating to his/her project(s).
  • Reporting and advising the Contract Manager / Managing Director with regard to the project(s) situation under his responsibility.
  • Responsible and supervise that all the subordinates involved in his/her project(s) are carrying out their duties as required.
  • Monitor the cost of his/her project(s) and highlight to management the cost control and progress of the project(s) for initiation, recommendation or providing solution if necessary.
  • Attend post-award technical meetings with clients in association with other concerned persons in the Company.
  • Liaise with all concerned Divisions for the execution of their work in accordance with contractual requirements and to obtain approvals of specifications, commercial, technical, third party inspection, and all matters relating to the project management.
  • Prepare Commissioning report & Certificate of Payment for client approval.
  • Prepare, update & submit Cash-flow & Revenue Provision, Expense Provision of his/her project(s) on a monthly basis to CM/MD and Chief Accountant.
  • Coordinate with Accounts and related Divisions (Store, Logistics, Personnel/Admin, QC,..) for cost control inputs.
  • Coordinate and feedback costs expenditure to management, the progress & cost already incurred on the projects on a regular basis.
  • Coordinate with all Divisions to solve any problem occurring that may affect schedule, quality and safety of project.
  • Monitor the daily Incoming/Outgoing documents related to his/her project(s) and ensure proper distribution of documents to relevant recipient(s).
  • Project analysis during the course of the project and after completion to be sent to estimation for improvement of future estimations and cross-checking.
  • Ensure safety of project activities and take all practical steps to safeguard employees from injury.
  • Confirm & sign purchase/service orders.
  • Responsible for Site expenditures.
  • Overall administration, supervision, co-ordination, management and direction of the project(s) entrusted to him/her.
  • Setting up a project team in accordance with the workload required.
  • Approval of all Requisition Forms for purchasing, issuance of materials, consumables, manpower and sub-contract works related to his project(s).
  • Planning manpower deployment (and training in conjunction with personnel of other Divisions).
  • Liaise and coordinate closely with CM and other project manager(s) for manpower and equipment’s requirements.
  • Prepare & submit quotations to client for variation works.
  • Request supported data from all relative Divisions to control cost of the project(s).
  • Evaluation and suggestion of increase salary / promotion for subordinates in his project team.




  • To understand and complete all work related documentation accurately and on time.
  • To carry out work in a safe and diligent manner.
  • To undertake additional duties in line with capabilities as required

Education and experience: 



  • Graduated from university relating to technical field and at least 5 years in construction technical and management work



  • English speaking and writing
  • The CPM is driven to move around Phnom Penh or Cambodia and must have a means of transport
  • Management skill
  • Ability to work independently
  • Good English communication, both writing and speaking
  • Liaison with internal and external partners




  • Previous experience of working with and across different service areas
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills (able to communicate effectively with a range of people including Managing director; clients; external suppliers; works foreman;  technician/designers)







How to Apply

Send a resume and a cover letter to Ms Rachel SAM, HR Manager: