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Job Details
  • Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Career Level: +3 years of clinical experience post medical school
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Salary Range:
  • Start Date: Sun 10 September, 2017
  • Application Deadline: Sat 09 September, 2017
Job Description

We’re looking for an ambitious self-starter that will play an instrumental role in launching and managing a new mobile-health service in Cambodia. Specific responsibilities include:

Medical Skills

  • Guide the development and implementation of a mobile-health service
  • Lead and implement the clinical direction for the local BIMA teledoctor operation
  • Develop and implement BIMA’s medical processes
  • Be responsible for the training of new medical hires (and retraining of existing ones)


  • Help in identifying good candidates for the medical team and in the hiring process (interviews)
  • Manage the local BIMA medical team (doctors, nurses and paramedics).
  • Be available for consultation with medical staff in case of doubts and/or complications
  • Supervise all sales and marketing materials and scripts used in our teledoctor service (e.g., offield and tele-agents)
  • Support Quality Control processes in medical activities (monitoring of recorded calls, business intelligence from the data gathered in our system)


  • Develop and implement strategic initiatives around the teledoctor service, and also suggest and drive ways to continually improve the quality and efficiency of the service
  • Assist in developing partnerships with hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other players in health services
  • Collaborate with CMOs in other BIMA markets as well with global products team
  • Engage regulatory authorities to complete licensing and other regulatory requirements as applicable and support local management team in all Governance, Risk and Compliance activities
  • Medical doctor with a current unrestricted licence to practice in Cambodia
  • Member of the Medical Council of Cambodia
  • Direct clinical experience (patient facing) of at least 3 years in hospitals or clinics (post Medical School; ideally post residency training)
  • Ideally, a specialist in internal medicine, urgent medicine, intensive care, family medicine or infectious disease.
  • A plus if he/she has had any management responsibilities in a clinical environment (e.g., head of department, leadership role at emergency room, etc.)
  • Good quantitative skills
  • Good interpersonal skills: good communicator, leadership skills, passionate and engaging
  • Ability to work collaboratively, self-assured and results-oriented
  • Ability to understand business needs and issues
  • Proactive, self-driven
  • Tech-oriented. Has basic knowledge of common software
How to Apply


BIMA has a very distinct culture. We like people who are smart and independent, but we don’t like ego. We share our ideas as readily as we do our opinions, and are respectful when doing so. We are driven and ambitious but most importantly we never lose our sense of humor. Everyone in the BIMA team shares a passion for adventure. We look for bold people who love to travel, experience different cultures and try new things. Our recruitment process is rigorous, but it has helped us build an impressive, dynamic team that shares a strong bond. If you match the profile described above, we want to hear from you.


Please send a CV and cover letter to Note that applications without cover letter will not be considered.


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