Cambodia Beverage Company (Coca-Cola)
Sector: Consumer Goods
Chapter: French

Phum Mittapheap
Russey Keo
Phnom Penh


1800 20 2222


We do not have a customer service email address in Cambodia, so please call us at 1800 20 2222

យើងមិនមានអាសយដ្ឋានអ៊ីម៉ែលនៅក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាទេ ដូច្នេះសូមទូរស័ព្ទមក 1800 20 2222




Manufacture & distribute soft drink


The Cambodia Beverage Company Ltd – (CBC), a member of Bottling Investments Group (BIG), a bottling unit of The Coca-Cola Company, is proud to be the exclusive authorized manufacturer and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company in Cambodia. CBC started its commercialization and distribution center in 1993 with $10 million investment and employed 100 employees. With the investment, CBC runs one production line – Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB). Until 1997, new pack was introduced into the market along with installation of the CAN Line. In 2008, due to the business expansion, CBC invested more than $30 million to install a brand new PET Line and upgrade CAN line with a brand new one. With the double digit growth every year, CBC is directly employing more than 600 local employees, which is a double of its size in the last 4 years.

In 2014, CBC announced its biggest investment ever in the Kingdom to build new factory in PPSZE. The new factory is 10x bigger than it current facility. 

Brand & Products:

Along with Coca-Cola, recognized as the world’s most valuable brand, CBC also markets seven of the most favorite sparkling beverage including:
1) Coca-Cola Light
2) Fanta (Fanta Orange, Fanta Grape, and Fanta Red Berry)
3) Sprite
4) Schweppes (Schweppes Soda, and Schweppes Tonic)
5) Samurai (Samurai Fruity & Samurai Strawberry)
6) Minute Maid Pulpy
7) Minute Maid Nutriboost
8) Aquarius the first isotonic drink in the Kingdom.
9) Dasani purified drinking water
Our packing: Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB), CAN, PET and Fountain
(Post-Mix and Premix).



David Wigglesworth
General Manager

023 428 995
Lim Lina
PAC Manager

+855 23 428 995
Chandy Ot
Country Supply Chain Manager

+855 23 428 995