Institut Pasteur du Cambodge
Sector: Other Professional Services, Healthcare
Chapter: French

No. 5, Boulevard Monivong, 12201 Phnom Penh
  • Tel: (855)23 426 009


The Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) is a scientific research institution and public utility under the patronage of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia. 

IPC provides a platform for comprehensive medical and biological analyses which is unique in Cambodia. This platform is subject to a quality assurance process, equipped with modern equipment, highly qualified staff and provides service delivery in biology, blood biochemistry and microbiology. IPC also provides services for the control of food hygiene and the chemical and microbiological analysis of water.

IPC offers the only international vaccination center in Cambodia. The rabies National Reference Centre is located at the virology laboratory of the Institut Pasteur.

The research activities of the IPC are oriented towards biomedical research and surveillance of infectious diseases, in partnership with national centers for infectious diseases and hospitals. Main research developed at the IPC are focused on viruses (influenza, dengue, Hepatitis, HIV …), bacteria (tuberculosis, salmonella, legionella, …) and malaria. 

IPC, in cooperation with universities and vocational schools in Cambodia, promotes knowledge on infectious diseases for the benefit of public health through education and training in universities and for continuing education. 


1953: Creation of the Institut Pasteur in Phnom Penh.
1958: The name is given of Institut Pasteur in Cambodia
1961: The service of human virology and medical entomology is created. The Institute opens a service of analytical chemistry and industrial chemistry and pharmaceutics for analyses of water and agricultural products.
1975-1979: During the regime of the Khmer Rouge, the buildings are destroyed.
1986-1994: The Institut Pasteur located in ToulKork is reborn under the direction of Mrs. Dr. Kruy Sunlay. Biological and microbiological analyzes (parasites, dengue, diarrhea) are developed and academic education is provided for medical staff.
1992: A convention between the Government of Cambodia and the Institut Pasteur is signed in Phnom Penh.
1995: The Institut Pasteur in Cambodia is officially opened, with vaccination centers, virology unit and later molecular epidemiology and immunology units. A regional biosafety laboratory level P3 is inaugurated in 2008.
2013: Signature of the Amendment to the Convention between the Government of Cambodia and the Institut Pasteur.
2014: Opening of the Regional Platform of Research in Southeast Asia on emerging diseases.



Didier Fontenille
Director of Institut Pasteur in Cambodia

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Guillaume Daufresne
Director of Administration and Finance

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Norng Sophy
Executive assistant

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