Creative Diamond Links Human Resources (CDL HR)
Sector: Advertising / Communication / Media, Human Resources / Recruitment
Chapter: Direct EuroCham

Tous Les Jours Building
1st floor, #298
Preah Monivong Blvd.
(St.93), Boeung Raing
Daun Penh, Phom Penh

  • +855 (0)23 964 764 / +855 (0)23 964 864

Recruitment Agency and Cambodia Business Partners Magazine. Creative Diamond Links Human Resources (CDL HR) provide high quality recruitment and HR Service to both local and foreign companies in Cambodia. At the same time, we provide career counseling to the Cambodian workforce and introduce the best qualified candidates to you, giving you the freedom to leverage saving time and effort while being able to employ the best people for your company.


Creative Diamond Links Human Resources in short CDL-HR is a leading Japanese Recruitment Agency in Cambodia. CDL-HR was established in August 2012 in a purpose of introducing various jobs freely to Cambodian people. CDL HR is providing the necessary infrastructure to be able to introduce people with the right skills and competencies to suitable jobs, without the need for personal connections. CDL HR will continue to provide its services in order to find the best match for both Cambodian job seekers and companies looking for the right talent employee.


Takanori Narumi
President, Executive HR Consultant

010 879 976
Sub HR Consulting Manager

098 88 44 77