Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise - SGFE
Sector: Consumer Goods, Energy, Manufacturing / Industry & Engineering / Conglomerate
Chapter: ICBA

Phlove Lom, Phoum Russey,
Sangkat Stueng, Meanchey Khan Meanchey,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia



Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise (SGFE) is an award winning  social enterprise, which has developed a type of clean energy that replaces the traditional charcoal on the local market and that creates new socially fair jobs for the poor. SGFE manufactures and sells high quality char-briquettes made from biomass waste.
SGFE currently produces two main types of briquette. The highest quality ‘Diamond’ brand is made just from coconut shells charcoal, and the ‘Premium’ brand is made from 5% coconut shell char and 95% recycled wood charcoal residues. Both of them have higher carbon content than traditional wood charcoal, which means that more heat is produced per kg. In addition, they both have a much lower content of volatile material, which means that they produce less air pollution when burned.




Cambodia is facing both, a problem of massive deforestation and a high poverty rate. The traditional charcoal, produced with wood deriving from illegal logging, is still one of the principal sources of energy for cooking in urban areas in Cambodia, causing all problems related to cooking with charcoal (safety and health hazards), in addition to the reduction of thousands of hectares of natural forests every year.
SGFE’s char-briquettes represent a sustainable alternative to traditional charcoal. In fact SGFE’s char-briquettes are produced entirely from biomass waste (no tree is cut for its production) and furthermore, result in a better quality cooking fuel.
SGFE is the result of a joint project implemented by two NGOs,  GERES (Group for Environment, Renewable Energy and Solidarity)  and PSE (Pour un Sourired’Enfant). The company was initially  registered in 2008 by the two NGOs and the factory was opened  (operational) in December 2009. Carlo Figà Talamanca, an italian  engineer and current owner took over the business in January 2012. Since then, the company has increased production and sales of its environmental char-briquettes reaching over 100 tons/month and is continuing its growth trend.



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