Total Cambodge
Sector: Energy
Chapter: French

ANINA building 6th floor, N° 240, Street 271, B.P. 600, 12351 Phnom Penh Cambodia
  • +855 23 218 630
  • Fax: +855 23 217 662


Currently, Total Cambodge has many products and activities, with over 73 service stations for Road Fuel [gasoline and diesel], and more than 30 convenience stores [Bonjour Shops], industrial fuels, aviation fuels and lubricants.  Along with the above, we also provide other essential services such as used oil analysis, fuel tank installations and bulk delivery to many of our commercial customers.

Total Excelium new generation is our new gasoline fuel which contains innovative additives and the most advanced fuel in Cambodia. Total Excelium cleans your engine kilometer after kilometer.

In addition, the Total Club Card is the only cashless card system to easily manage your fuel purchases.

Since 2016 Total Cambodge has implemented it digital Mobile App which develops customer’s loyalty in our retail stations via availability on mobile phone of coupons for shop discounts, shop promotions, station locator and store rating functionality.

On top of these projects, Total Cambodge formed a partnership with “Tous Les Jours” the French-Korean bakery to provide the best coffee/bakery in 4 stations, offerings to our customer in oil retail industry in the country.


TOTAL is the world’s fifth-largest oil and gas company, with activities in more than 130 countries. Total Cambodge has been officially operating in Cambodia since 1993, although the company has had a presence here for over 70 years. Throughout the country, Total Cambodge has been involved in marketing various petroleum products and services to its customers in both the private and public sectors.



Yves Jassaud
Managing Director

023 213 3038