Confirel Co., Ltd
Sector: Wine & Spirits, Agro-Industry
Chapter: French

#138, Street 110,
Sangkat Chom Chao, 
Khan Porsenchey,
Phnom Penh

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Confirel has been developed from a simple idea: Cambodia development cannot be achieved without the one of the countryside. Two core ambitions have then risen: reviving the sugar palm tree as a major natural resource in Cambodia and restoring the status of this natural heritage of the country. This tree is commonly and easily available throughout Cambodia and its exploitation gives to the farmers a significant increase of their income.
Confirel is committed to preserve sugar palm trees and to manufacture high quality and world-widely recognized healthy products. It is dedicated to promote authentic Khmer products and values while improving the economical activities of rural farmers. Confirel is strongly involved in Corporate Social Responsibility by giving 5% of its Net Revenues to help the most vulnerable people in Cambodia throughout a credible and transparent process and by giving a fair benefit for all the stakeholders.
Confirel has a processing and packaging plant in Phnom Penh; working with a community of palm sugar producers on the GI area of Kampong Speu; operates 25 ha of pepper plantations at GI Kampot area; has a showroom in Phnom Penh and a national and international distribution network.

Confirel has been founded in 2001 by Dr Hay Ly Eang in Cambodia with a unique belief:  Improving the local populations’ life conditions by allowing them to use one of their major endangered natural resource: the sugar palm tree. This idea was put into practice by promoting its productions following various forms: candies, wines, spirits, sugar etc. Confirel, above all, commits to promote and respect ancestral craft skills and know-how. It’s a human story based on women and men dedicated to help Cambodia in its development with the diffusion of high quality products throughout the world. Confirel pass on historical skills transmitted from generations to guarantee to all stakeholders a fair pay while preserving a unique heritage.
Over the years, many products have been added to the Confirel range such as Kampot Pepper, Herbal Tea etc. with always the same values of quality, authenticity and respect for the heritage and craft skills.
Confirel is the first producer of palm sugar powder.
Confirel is the ONLY of organic palm sugar exporter since 2001.
Confirel is the ONLY producer of more than 40 different products based on palm sugar and Kampot pepper.


Dr. Hay Ly Eang
Founder and President

Sao Rany
Finance and Admin Director

089 796 481