Le Vôtre
Sector: Hospitality & Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Retail
Chapter: French

No 9A, Street 178
Phnom Penh

  • +855 (0)92 63 86 83

Activity Description:
The Boutique Le Vôtre, opened since April 2013, proposes homemade and imported products such as salads, cold cuts, cheeses, cooked dishes as well as a quality selection of wines.
Our customers, whether individuals or corporate, rely on Le Vôtre for receptions, events, buffets and cocktails both on-site and home cooking activities.

Founded in October 2012 by French Chef Ludovic Moulin, Le Vôtre specializes in the production of French culinary specialties and catering services to individuals, professionals or corporate customers. 


Moulin Ludovic

+855 (0)92 52 80 85
Ourng Nectora
Sale manager

+855 (0)92 24 88 16