BETA & Partners
Sector: Consulting, Other Professional Services
Chapter: French

No. 16E1, Street 370, Phnom Penh
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BETA & Partners Co., Ltd is the 1st consulting firm exclusively dedicated to SME and Start-up businesses in the areas of Finance (Accounting), Tax and General Management. BETA offers practical consulting services as well as yearly outsourcing solutions and/or support services engagement in the following areas:

Finance Practice:

    Budget (P&L, Cash Flow)
    Business Plan
    Bookkeeping outsourcing
    CFO outsourcing

Tax Practice:

    Tax review
    Tax preparation
    Tax planning
    Tax audit

Management Practice:

    Standard Operations Procedures
    Downsizing and U-turn


BETA & Partners Co., Ltd was founded in 2015 by Thomas Herbaut ( who has over 10 years of business experience, most of which gained in Cambodia where he occupied various senior positions prior to founding BETA.

Our management team consists of Senior Consultants who have both significant professional experience and seasoned entrepreneurship background. This mix allows BETA to provide tailored-made solutions to SME and Start-up businesses which are looking for flexibility and ready-to-go solutions at affordable packaged prices.

BETA aims to support businesses which can't go to international consulting/audit firms and/or don't trust local boutique firms or agents. As such, BETA's  added-value and success is at this crossroad offering the best of both worlds: proven business practices that encourage quality and flexibility with affordable pricing solutions.



Thomas Herbaut
Managing Partner

+855 (0) 12 298 035