Stephanie Letessier
Sector: Consulting
Chapter: Through Britcham

Flat 12, Jurston Court, Gerridge street, SE17QH, London,United Kingdom

  • +44 7956442162


Consulting expertise in Enterprise Risk Management & Risk Assessment, strategic and ethical decision-making. 

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

  • Performing ‘Enterprise Risk Management’ risk Assessment and implementing ERM programs

Financial Fraud

  • Anti-fraud and anti-money laundering compliance programs shaped by detailed risk assessments and program evaluations
  • Internal investigations relating to fraud, corruption or fraud and accounting fraud
Internal Audit and Internal Control/Corporate finance:

  • Reviewing Internal Control Processes
  • Financial control/Budgeting
  • Financial Analysis

Compliance and Ethics

  • Designing codes of ethics and general compliance programs
  • Corporate governance, corporate security and resilience

Capacity Development & Training on all topics listed above plus Change and Crisis Management


Experienced in enterprise risk management, external and internal audits, corporate finance, financial fraud prevention and business ethics, Stephanie founded SL Global Risks Consulting in London to help companies in the developing world on these topics. French by origin, she has experience working in multicultural environments from Europe to Southeast Asia, Africa and Haiti, with a strong involvement in Cambodia since moving here in 2014.

She is also involved in capacity development initiatives for young girls and women entrepreneurs in Cambodia and Myanmar.