Pierre Fabre
Sector: Healthcare
Chapter: French

73, Monivong Boulevard
  • +855 (0)85 986 865

Convinced that the 250,000 known flowering plants and ones that are yet to be discovered contain immense benefits to health and beauty, Pierre Fabre has made research on plant substances a major focus of its activities. To the group, plants constitute a source of multidisciplinary scientific investigation, aimed at identifying original, plant-based active substances that could be used equally to produce drugs and dermo-cosmetics products. Since 2006, the Joint Laboratory of Phytochemistry works in finding new bioactive products from the huge array of biodiversity in Cambodia's plant life. 


Pierre Fabre's main activities in Cambodia involve natural product chemistry, botanic, chemical analysis and pharmacology. The labs side activities involve pharmacy student training, botanical conservation (Publication of the book "Flore Photographique du Cambodge") and continuos networking with local partners and NGOs.