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The Pierre Fabre Group is the only company in France that is majority owned (86 %) by a government recognized public-interest foundation: the Pierre Fabre Foundation. The remaining shares are owned by the Group employees (8.3 %) and in treasury stock (shares owned by the company itself).

Convinced of the benefits provided by plants on health and beauty, Pierre Fabre has made plant-based substances a major focus of its research for over 50 years. About 40 % of the Group’s revenues are generated by products with plant-based active ingredients. In order to contribute to the preservation of plant resources while achieving its innovation and quality objectives, the Group has formalized a certified approach for the responsible development of innovative, safe and effective plant-based active ingredients: Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre. Part of a virtuous circle, development is organized around four key principles: innovate, guarantee, preserve and respect. This process has been recognized by the EFQM* European label granted by AFNOR. This certification assesses both quality and sustainability.

Since 2006, the Joint Laboratory of Phytochemistry UHS / IRPF** is dedicated to the discovery of innovative bioactive plant-based extracts from Cambodian biodiversity. Its main activities in Cambodia involve botany, phytochemistry, plant extraction, chemical analysis. Numerous R&D projects are performed with local partners and NGOs. The Laboratory is engaged in the training of Cambodian pharmacy students.

*EFQM European Certification

** UHS = University of Health Sciences ; IRPF = Pierre Fabre Research Institute


Mathieu Leti
R&D Project Manager

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Clément Walter
R&D Research Manager

+855 85 986 865