Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre
Sector: Art & Craft, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing / Industry & Engineering / Conglomerate
Chapter: French

#130 Vithey Charles De Gaulle, Mondul 3, Khum Slokram, 17251 Siem Reap, Cambodia

Khmer Ceramics is a handmade tableware supplier and manufacturer. The company is located in Siem Reap and follows the SA 8000® international standard. 95% of the factory’s production is exported, mainly to the US, European and Australian markets.
The factory includes its own clay extraction division, clay processing, mold manufacturing, glaze laboratory, research, and development lab and design studio, as well as multiple different production lines.


The company was founded in 2006 and has focused on research and the revival of ancestral Southeast Asian ceramic techniques. After organizing several international conferences on this subject. Khmer Ceramics quickly became the leading handmade tableware supplier and manufacturer in Cambodia.


Rega Serge

Cheng Solav