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Import-Export - Consultant in security services (SSA) - Internal Auditor - Methods and organizational process

Strategic Security Advisor


It is necessary to call on a strategic security advisor in order:

  • To structure your methods and processes and reduce your costs 
  • To homogenize your practices and optimize your organization
  • To develop the skills of your employees and involve them in a common project
  • To increase your competitiveness and your performances
  • To access new markets..etc.

Due to the multitude of existing problem solving methods you can be put off by lack of expertise or time to refine the problem. For this purpose it is advisable to contact a SSA that will bring added value to your organization by its services. Thanks to his knowledge and experience in methods and processes, he will be able to guide you in solving problems or improving quality.

Georges Thizon

Strategic Security Advisor


Georges Thizon
Chief Executive