Sector: Advertising / Communication / Media, Consulting, Other Professional Services
Chapter: Through Britcham

P.O. Box 495, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

MangoTango Asia is your marketing & media partner for Southeast Asia emerging markets. We provide leading edge best practices at the forefront of marketing services, with a focus on data-driven digital marketing.

We bring strategic thinking and creative doing to challenges big and small. MangoTango works for clients in both the Development Sector and the Private Sector.

Data, Research, Analytics

We help our clients to engage more effectively with their customers and prospects by using data-driven marketing. We help customers to use the data they have -- and learn what data they can and should collect -- to develop insights and action plans for their business. We take an agile approach to market research, and offer both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Digital Marketing

MangoTango Asia offers a complete suite of services to support our clients’ digital presence and help them deliver the best possible customer experience. We use an agile development approach and can provide rapid prototyping to allow iterative testing and improvements.

Integrated Marketing Communications

MangoTango Asia offers a complete suite of through-the-line marketing tools, from brand building to promotions. Driven by the intelligent use of data and insights, we deliver the perfect mix of strategy, creative, and effective marketing program delivery. We help you deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.


MangoTango’s senior partners have extensive marketing, media, web, eCommerce and social media experience working with some of the largest brands and agencies in the world, including Ogilvy, J Walter Thompson, Saatchi, Y&R, American Express, Microsoft, IBM, Chevron, Pfizer, Novartis, American Airlines and Unilever. Founded in 2014, the company brings its energy to the markets of Southeast Asia, with a specific focus on Cambodia.


Katie Scheding Longhurst
President, Head of Digital

017 555 209
Christopher McCarthy
CEO, Head of Experience

012 317 174