PKMI - Prevoir (Kampuchea) Microlife Insurance plc.
Sector: Insurance
Chapter: French

No. 106, Street 95, Boeung Trabek, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
  • +855 (0)23 223 360
  • Fax: +855 (0)23 220 056

PKMI, created in July 2011, is a subsidiary of PRÉVOIR Group and the first Micro-Insurance company in the Kingdom of Cambodia. PKMI offers health, life and accident insurance products to:

  • Employers insuring their staff
  • Partners proposing insurance solutions to its clients

By the end of April 2016, PKMI reached more than 200 000 active insurance policies. With more than 90 staff and 190 network health facilities, PKMI activities are nationwide and allow a unique quality of service.


Created in 1910, PRÉVOIR Group is a French independent insurance group, specialized in life insurance, whose main purpose is the protection and safekeeping of low and middle-income families. The holding company is a patrimonial company, independent of any bank or financial institution, with a total shareholder capital of EUR 584.68 million in 2014.

The international development of the group has started 20 years ago in Portugal in 1996, followed by Poland in 2000, Vietnam in 2005 and Cambodia in 2011.


Solène Favre
Chief Executive Officer

+85593 222 374
David Koy
Chief Commercial Officer

+85593 222 390
Partnership Manager

+85593 222 389
Corporate Manager

+85593 222 390