Green Business Committee elects its new leadership

On 29th July 2015, the EuroCham Green Biz Committee held an election to appoint the members of its new executive committee. Following a slight reorganization, the Green Business Committee is now made of three sub-committees (Social Corporate Responsibility, Renewable Energy, and Green Buildings) with the following leadership:

  • Mr. Carlo Figà Talamanca, Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • Ms. Raphaele Deau, Head of the CSR sub-committee
  • Ms. Romina de Jong, Head of the Renewable Energy sub-committee
  • Mr. Michel Cassagnes, Head of  the Green Buildings sub-committee
  • Mr. Andeol Cardin, Member of the executive committee

EuroCham would like to congratulate the new leadership of the Green Biz Committee and look forward to supporting their activities in promoting more green and responsible business practices in Cambodia.

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