Prakas 125 issued by the MoC: Procedure for Marks Registration via Online System

Prakas 125 on Procedure for Marks Registration via Online System

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Legal Summary

Prakas 125 issued by the Ministry of Commerce

Procedure for Marks Registration via Online System

The Prakas aims to determine the procedure for the registration of marks and other relevant services via the online system: Marks refers to collective marks, trademarks, identification marks and geographical marks.

For applicants whose permanent residence address or business is located outside of Cambodia, the online registration shall be made by a legal representative based and operating in Cambodia. The applicant shall acquire an account name and a password from the Department of Intellectual Property of MOC.

After submission of the application online, applicants are required to submit the original documents or certified copied version to the Department of Intellectual Property. The application fee should be electronically paid to the bank account determined by the joint Prakas 1643, dated 16 December 2014 between MEF and MOC.

Relevant legal documents available online:

Law on Marks, Trade Names and Acts of Unfair Competition

Law on the Copyright and Related Rights

Law on the Patents, Utility Model Certificates and Industrial Design

Law on Geographical Identification


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