Press Release: Counter Counterfeit Committee of Ministry of Interior


The Committee has spot-checked and regularly observed products in Cambodia’s market. On 28 April 2017, the Committee led a joint force for a mission to crackdown on illegal cosmetic products in two locations. The joint force composited of prosecutor from Phnom Court of First Instant, representative from the Ministry of Health, General Department of Customs and Excise, Cam-Control and relevant authorities. As the result, the Committee confiscated 38 tons of cosmetic products with primary assumption of its illegality as below:

  • Import without permission from MOH

  • Failed to pay tax

  • Import from unknown source

  • Suspicion of faked products

The Committee would like to appeal to the public for collaboration in providing information about location or people produce or distribute faked products through the contacts: phone: 081 999808 or e-mail:

Reported information from the public will be kept confidential as requested by concerned person.

In addition to this, the Committee conducted press conference to provide details of the Phnom Penh Police Commissioner Office on 01 May 2017.

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