Career Talk: Student & EuroCham industry professionals meet-up

The EuroCham Cambodia HR Committee and AUF came together to deliver the first student and industry meet-up on the 10th of June. Together we gathered speakers from successful companies in Cambodia to talk about careers in construction, new technologies and engineering. Those who came along heard from: 

Key Insights

Our speakers touched upon some important considerations for both students and similar businesses. The key takeaways were: 

  • Businesses need to be prepared to invest in their employees to help productivity. This is because the current education system does not yet provide skills that employees need causing a skills gap
  • Organizations need to develop career development plans. When applying for roles apllicants should be asked about their reson for joining the company, list their expectations and current skills.
  • As functional skills can be taught, it's important to look at other valuable soft skills such as leadership, the ability to learn, ethics and honesty. 

Looking Forward

As the AUF and more of our members have found this experience valuable, we hope to host these meet-ups at more educational institutions across Cambodia. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for regular updates of our upcoming events.

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