Event Recap: Breakfast Talk on "Delegation: The Key to Successful Management"

On 13 Dec 2018, EuroCham Cambodia hosted an insightful breakfast talk featuring guest speaker Mr. Charles Vincent who spoke extensively on becoming a successful manager through effective delegation. In this interactive exchange-and-discussion breakfast talk, Charles provided the event attendees with concrete tips on how to become a highly effective and truly successful management leader, and the talk focused on delegation in an organization.

This event also raised awareness about the consequences, advantages and disadvantages of delegation, and the speaker proposed tips to improve one's company/oraganization by making managers more efficient and productive through effective delegation. Following the presentation, there was an interactive Q&A session as well.

Mr. Charles Vincent is an accredited individual-and-team development coach who has worked with numerous international organizations and private sector companies. He has been awarded the French “Legion d'Honneur” for his humanitarian work as well.

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