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The Digital and Technology Committee is open to EuroCham members that provide technology services or have a significant interest in Technologies or the ICT sector.

The Committee is a platform for information sharing and discussion and concerns itself with matters that solely relate to the ICT Industry. In order to ensure the continuous growth and development of ICT related industries in Cambodia and transform the Kingdom into a regional competitive digital economy, the Committee seeks to deepen the cooperation with the Cambodian authorities and connect with other stakeholders, by contributing to joint initiatives and providing inputs across a range of legal, regulatory, technical, and educational fields.


  • To collect data about the technology/digital/IT sectors with the view of sharing experience and information with members, users and newcomers.
  • To establish a constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders such as IT related associations, businesses and Cambodian Authorities
  • To identify legal and structural issues related to the sector and propose solutions to the Royal Government and major stakeholders through existing Advocacy channels and the EuroCham White Book
  • To promote the sector and its opportunities and to raise awareness about its inherent risks with potential investors, users, IT specialists as well as non-specialists through communication tools and workshops.
  • To contribute topics and speakers to EuroCham events

Committee Leadership 

Tomas Pokorny
Mr. Nicolas Hollanders
Vice-Chairman (Representing the Financial Services)