Event Info:

  • Thu 27 July, 2023
  • 09:00
  • Bred Bank, 5th floor
  • EuroCham Event


Embark On Your Design Journey, Master core competencies and Understand Smart Organizations!

The world has become more linked and complex because of today's rapid technological advancements, and design thinking offers a way to deal with this in a way that is largely human-centric and enables us to think creatively, solve complex problems, and create innovative products and services.

Even though design thinking has been around for some time, many businesses have not yet embraced or mastered it. To assist managers and professional leaders in mastering its characteristics, EuroCham Training Academy is pleased to introduce a 2-day full training course on Design Thinking on 27th and 28th July 2023

By taking this course, you can learn the framework for design thinking, engage in project-based approaches, develop a customer-centric mindset, and practice how to effectively create, empathise, and analyse.

Course Objective: 

  • Create: bringing ideas to tangible forms to share and experiment
  • Empathise: taking the points of view of others to learn and deepen understanding
  • Observe: honing your ability to notice differences and find useful patterns
  • Ideate: taking your observations into insights and ideas for solutions to a problem
  • Analyse: making a habit of thinking beyond the obvious and looking for the root of the problem

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Training Details 

  • Date: 27th & 28th of July 2023 
  • Time: 9:00am-5:00pm 
  • Venue: Bred Bank 5th floor
  • Member price: $265
  • Non-member price: $315
  • Both lunch and coffee breaks will be provided

About the Trainer 

Master Facilitator of stories, conversations, and innovations

Our trainer has 24 years working in the US, Europe, Japan and ASEAN, in the fields of business strategy and communications, marketing, development, media and community-based social innovations.

For the last 17 years as a consultant, he’s helped clients large and small in all kinds of industries and markets grow, transition into new arenas, create new services and products, and tighten their strategies and goals. His focus has always been fostering conversations and collaborations that spark change, be it an honest talk about tough transitions, an open ideation sprints, or an expansive dialogue about what could be, among those familiar with each other or strangers across cultures and disciplines.

He works with clients from Cambodia, the US, Europe and SE Asia: UNDP, USAID, CARE International, CAFOD, People In Need, Duke University, Digitas, yLabs, and Factory Phnom Penh are among those that he’s teamed up with in the recent years.


For further inquiries, please contact:

Ms. NETH Chanmonyneath

Email: market.analyst3@eurocham-cambodia.org

Phone: +855 (0)10 887 950