Job Details
  • Location: Hops Craft Beer Garden & Restaurant
  • Career Level:
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Application Deadline: Tue 31 May, 2022
Job Description

Job Title: Bartender


Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages for bar, brewery and restaurant patrons. Interact with customers, take orders and serve snacks and drinks. Assess customers' needs and preferences and make recommendations.

In particular, the bartender is required to:

  • Present drink menus make recommendations and answer questions regarding beverages
  • Take beverage orders from guests and servers.
  • Record drink orders accurately and immediately after receipt into the register system
  • Prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks consistent with the Restaurant’s standard drink recipes
  • Satisfying guest’s requests in a timely manner
  • Learn the names and personally recognize our regulars
  • Preparing and serving appetizers, snacks, or other food items for customers at the bar/brewery
  • Complying with all food and beverage regulations
  • Accept guest payment, process credit card charges and make change (if applicable)
  • Keeping a well-stocked bar/brewery with an adequate supply of liquor, beer, wine, mixers, ice, napkins, straws, glassware, and other accessories
  • Slicing and preparing fruit garnishes for drinks
  • Cleaning the bar, tables, chairs, and work area to maintain a sanitary environment
  • Maintain cleanliness in all areas of the bar/brewery including counters, sinks, utensils, shelves and storage area
  •  Assist the restocking and replenishment of bar/brewery inventory and supplies.
  • Report all equipment problems and bar/brewery maintenance issues to restaurant manager
  • Placing orders for liquor, beer, wine, and other supplies
  • Planning bar menus
  • Creating unique drinks
  • Other tasks assigned by HOD.


Job Title: Cashier


Cashiers accept payments from customers in the form of cash, credit or debit card, check or other forms of payment. They issue customers’ receipts and return the correct change as necessary for cash payments. Additionally, they assist customers by answering questions about products, their location in the store, services or other company policies and procedures. Cashiers may also authorize and issue exchanges or refunds. Since Cashiers are often located at the front of the business, they may greet customers entering the establishment.

In particular, the cashier is required to:

  • Take customer orders at the counter
  • Receive payments and present change to customers
  • Make reservations for customers
  • Receive food checks from waiters or customers
  • Manage the register, including all credit card and cash operations
  • Ensure a balance of the register at the end of the shift or working period
  • Manage transactions with customers using cash registers
  • Post goods and ensure pricing is accurate
  • Collect payments whether in cash or credit
  • Issue receipts, refunds, change or tickets
  • Redeem stamps and coupons
  • Cross-sell products and introduce new ones
  • Resolve customer complaints, guide them and provide relevant information
  • Greet customers when entering or leaving the store
  • Maintain clean and tidy checkout areas


Job Title: Waiter/Waitress


Waitress will take orders and serve food and beverages to Guests in our restaurant. Always aware of Guest satisfaction to deliver the perfect service experience. Ensure high quality of food and beverages to Guests. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: servicing the Guest in a friendly, efficient manner while maintaining a clean and safe work environment. Guests must feel welcome, comfortable and well attended to at all time.


  • Provide the perfect service experience for every Guest.
  • Smile and greet the guest before they greet you.
  • Ensure the Guest feels important and welcome in the restaurant.
  • Present menu, answer questions and make suggestions regarding food and beverage.
  • Must know all food liquor, beer, wine and retail offered.
  • Take beverage and food orders.
  • Deliver beverages and food in a timely manner.
  • Apply positive suggestive sales approach to guide Guests.
  • Check-in with guests to ensure that everything is going well.
  • Share feedback on food and drink quality
  • Pre-bus tables; maintain table cleanliness, bus tables
  • Refill beverages throughout the meal.
  • Looks for ways to avoid waste and limit costs.
  • Assist in keeping the restaurant clean and safe.
  • Deliver guest’s bill and thank them for dining at the restaurant.
  • Give comments card to guest for their feedback.
  • Engage with the guest. Invite them to like and follow our social media accounts Share feedback on food and drink quality.
  • Must follow all cash handling policies and procedures.
  • Report to property on time and in proper uniform.
  • Work with other servers and be a team player.
  • Other jobs assigned by Manager

Job Title: Runner


Runners are restaurant workers who assist waitstaff and bartenders with bringing food from the kitchen or drinks from the bar to guests' table.


  •  Deliver food orders from the kitchen and drinks from the bar to guests’ tables rapidly and accurately
  • Act as the contact point between Front of the House and Back of the House staff
  • Communicate food orders to chefs/drinks orders to bartenders, paying attention to priorities and special requests (e.g. food allergies, drinks preferences etc.)
  • Assist the wait staff with table setting by fetching and placing appropriate tableware, eating utensils and napkins
  • Ensure food/drinks is served in accordance with safety standards (e.g. proper temperature)
  • Check in with guests and take additional orders or refill water, as needed
  • Remove dirty dishes, glasses and utensils
  • Answer guests’ questions about ingredients and menu items
  • Inform restaurant staff about guests’ feedback or requests (e.g. when they ask for the check)
  • Report to property on time and in proper uniform.
  • Work with other servers and be a team player.
  • Other jobs assigned by Manager

1. Bartender (fluent in English, minimum 2 years’ experience) 

2. Waiter/Waitress (fluent in English, minimum 1 year experience) 

3. Cashier (fluent in English, experienced or willing and able to learn)

4. Runner (basic English, no experience required)

How to Apply

Interested applicants, please send your CV to:

Telegram: +855 (0)93 999 017 or +855 (0)16 642 860