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Job Details
  • Location: Phnom Penh
  • Career Level: L1
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Salary Range: N/A
  • Application Deadline: Wed 19 June, 2024
Job Description

b. Consulting Experts is a consultancy firm based in Cambodia and working in different sectors: Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Tourism.

Our consultancy company is partnered with local owners or conglomerates, all leaders in their sector: FMCG, hotels, food shops, real estate, and tourism development.

Today, for one of our clients, we are recruiting a General Manager for a mineral water manufacturing company based in Cambodia.

  • POSITION - General Manager
  • WORK LOCATION - Phnom Penh (Capital of Kingdom of Cambodia) - HQ Office
  • JOB GRADE - L1
  • REPORT TO - Board of Directors


The General Manager will be responsible for:

- Leading the Company's overall activities and overseeing the management of its resources, including the formulation of strategic goals.

- Managing all operational aspects of the Company (excluding Supply Chain) and overseeing day to-day employee management.

       - Formulating an annual budget.

- Heading the management team and being accountable to the Board of Directors, responsible for shaping corporate strategy, providing guidance to all employees, and supervising company operations.

- Steering the implementation of programs designed to attain long-term strategic objectives and  enhance shareholder value.


                       1. Strategic Leadership:

- Visionary Direction: Develop and articulate the company's visionary roadmap, a blueprint for  achieving market leadership and unwavering brand excellence. This includes outlining our  market positioning, growth targets, and areas for innovation.

- Comprehensive Strategy: Formulate and execute comprehensive long-term and short-term  strategies, steering the company towards sustainable growth, profitability, and industry  recognition. These strategies will encompass market expansion, product development, and  competitive positioning.

- Decision-Making Authority: Make high-impact, strategic decisions that will be the compass  for the company's path to industry dominance. These decisions may include entering new  markets, exploring mergers and acquisitions, and diversifying our product portfolio.

2. Financial Management:

- Budgeting Proficiency: Develop and thoroughly manage the company's annual budget,  providing vigilant financial performance oversight and regular reporting to the Board of  Directors. Your financial expertise will be crucial in forecasting revenue, managing expenses,  and allocating resources effectively.

- Profit Maximization: Implement cost-effective measures that maximize revenue and  profitability, safeguarding financial health. This involves exploring opportunities for cost  reduction, revenue enhancement, and efficient resource allocation.

-  Risk Management: Institute robust financial controls and astute risk management practices  to protect the company's financial integrity. You will be responsible for identifying financial  risks and developing strategies to mitigate them.

            3. Market Presence and Growth:

- Market Expansion: Develop and execute strategies for expanding market presence, capturing  greater market share, and amplifying revenue streams. This entails market research,  competitor analysis, and the identification of growth opportunities.

- Innovative Ventures: Identify and explore new business horizons and markets that align  seamlessly with our brand's core values. Your role will involve assessing market trends,  customer demands, and potential business partnerships.

- Stakeholder Engagement: Foster enduring relationships with industry stakeholders,  customers, and distribution partners, solidifying our standing as a market leader. You will  represent the company in negotiations, partnerships, and industry events.

              4. Team Leadership:

- High-Competence Team: Assemble and lead a team of seasoned managers and staff, offering  mentorship, guidance, and unwavering motivation. This involves recruitment, team  development, and performance management.

- Collaborative Culture: Foster a culture of teamwork, positivity, and accountability, all  centered on the attainment of corporate objectives. Your role includes providing clear  direction, setting expectations, and nurturing a collaborative work environment.

              5. Regulatory Compliance:

- Strict Adherence: Ensure that the company operates in absolute compliance with all  significant regulations. This encompasses developing and maintaining a comprehensive  compliance framework.

- Regulatory Update: Stay informed of the latest industry best practices and regulatory  updates, positioning the company as a pioneer in compliance. Your responsibilities will include  monitoring changes in regulations, ensuring adherence, and participating in audits.

              6. Any other tasks might be assigned by the BOD from time to time.



1. Educational Background: A degree in Business Administration, or any related field; an MBA or  advanced degree is a distinct advantage. Your educational background will underscore your  expertise in business management and leadership.

2. Minimum of 10 years work experience in a similar position in the FMCG industry or similar.  3. Hands on experience in developing strategic and business plans


1. Executive Leadership: A proven track record as a General Manager or in similar leadership roles  within the manufacturing industry, particularly in the beverage or mineral water sector. Your  experience will showcase your ability to lead organizations to success.

2. Strategic Acumen: A history of strategic planning, successful business development, and market  expansion. Your background will demonstrate your ability to craft and execute comprehensive  business strategies.

3. Leadership Excellence: Exceptional leadership capabilities and proficiency in people  management. You will need to have a strong track record in team leadership, team  development, and fostering a positive work culture.

4. Financial Acumen: Strong financial expertise with a demonstrated ability to manage budgets  effectively. Your financial acumen will be evident through your ability to manage budgets,  financial performance reporting, and risk mitigation.

5. Communication Skills: Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. You will use these  skills for stakeholder engagement, negotiation, and effective communication with both internal  and external partners.


1. Strategic Direction and Comprehensive Strategy:

- Metric: Successful execution of long-term and short-term strategies aligned with the visionary  roadmap.

- Importance: Demonstrates your ability to provide clear direction and guide the company  towards sustainable growth, profitability, and industry recognition.

2. Financial Management and Profit Maximization:

- Metric: Effective budget development, management, and cost-effective measures. - Importance: Reflects your financial acumen in forecasting, expense management, and  resource allocation to maximize profitability.

3. Market Expansion and Innovative Ventures:

- Metric: Successful market expansion strategies and identification of new business horizons. - Importance: Demonstrates your capability to capture market share, amplify revenue streams,  and adapt to evolving market trends.

4. Team Leadership and Collaborative Culture:

- Metric: Assembled and led a high-performing management team while fostering a  collaborative work culture.

- Importance: Reflects your ability to recruit, develop, and manage a top-tier team and create  a positive and accountable work environment.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to send CV, salary expectation and cover letter under reference JUN24-GMCAM to:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the interview.