EuroCham Cambodia was inaugurated on 2 June 2011 with the support of 6 national chapters:

1. The Chambre de Commerce Franco-Cambodgienne (CCIFC)

2. The German Business Group, Arbeitskreis Deutsche Wirtschaft (ADW)

3. The British Business Association in Cambodia (BBAC)

4. The Nordic Chapter (NordCham)

5. The Italian Chapter (ICBA)

6. The Benelux Chapter (Benelux Cambodia)


Becoming a member of a national chapter within Eurocham or a Eurocham Direct member with the same membership conditions and benefits. Eurocham's national chapters receive a 40% share of your membership fee and offer additional activities and events.

For more information on our national chapters and their activities, please see the Eurocham statutes or contact them via their respective websites.

Notes: BritCham remains a Founding Member of EuroCham Cambodia and receives special status while staying independent. BritCham Members shall pay 50% of membership fees (US$ 345 for Corporate Members and US$ 195 for SMEs, NGOs, and individual Members), However, they will receive the status of Associate Members and will not have the same benefits as the National Chapters' Members. BritCham's Members who want to have a voting right will need to apply for Ordinary Corporate membership.