Online Training Course on Transformational Coaching for Leaders

Do you like to be managed - or coached?  

On the 29th & 30th of September 2021, EuroCham hosted a 2-day "Transformational Coaching for Leaders" training, via zoom. 

Who said that online courses have to be less interactive, or less intimate? In just two days, participants were able to form a close knit-group in which to share, learn, and reflect.   

Our trainer covered the 3 levels of listening (intra-personal, inter-personal, and trans-personal), taught participants how to identify and mitigate against their internal "saboteurs", and guided participants to lead by utilising a coaching mindset, framed around positive drivers & emotions. 

Participants left with a greater understanding of themselves, as well as how to break down barriers with colleagues, friends, and family members - enabling them to understand, and work with them on a deeper level. 

We'd like to say a huge thank you to our coaching team, Mr. Joey RA, Ms. Sokuntha EAM, as well as the facilitation team members Ms. Helena YAN, Ms. Sovannady CHEA, Ms. Sileap RITHY, and Mr. Uksa NOUN.

Once again, to all participants, we thank you for joining and wish you the best in your coaching journeys! 

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