EuroCham is pleased to welcome Philip Morris International as our newest member. Philip Morris was founded in 1847 in New York and has become one of the largest tobacco companies in the world.

The company employs 71,000 professionals globally and boasts a portfolio of 150 million consumers. They own five of the top international cigarette brands, including Marlboro, and operate in over 175 markets.

Philip Morris is on the verge of the biggest shift in the company's history as they endeavor to trend away from cigarettes to smoke-free alternatives. The company has stated they hope to be a mostly smoke-free company by 2025. To assist in this change, the company has spent more than $9 billion in research since 2008 to develop smoke-free alternatives for cigarette smokers. While the company has stated that the world's one billion-plus smokers should quit altogether, it wants to offer an alternative to those who do not quit.

EuroCham looks forward to partnering with Philip Morris in their quest for a smoke-free future and collaborating closely on planned initiatives.


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