EuroCham x CGTI Training on Recycle & Sustainable Textiles

On the 9th & 10th of May 2022, EuroCham Cambodia with the support of GIZ Cambodia (Fabric Asia Programme), in collaboration with the CGTI Cambodian Garment Training Institute, has organised a successful 2-day training course on Recycle / Sustainable Textiles.

The training explicitly started with the introduction to recycled textiles, how the textile industry operates, the industry organisation, the industry competition, and the impact of the market forces on the textile industry, and subsequently followed by regulations in the textile industry, stakeholder initiatives, and views on textile waste prevention and recycling challenges and opportunities.

The participants also learned the textile waste classification, the three categories: pre-consumer waste, post-industrial textile waste, and post-consumer textile waste. The structures of the textile industry and the critical descriptors in textile specifications were ultimately introduced in the session.

This training session has mirrored the sustainable textiles practice using a case study on the economic impacts of textile & clothing recycling, and a reason to use fewer resources, reduce the need for new resources, and reduce rather than replace, to reduce our pollution and energy level needed to create new products.


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