Breakfast Talk with Chris Humphrey, Executive Director of EU-ASEAN Business Council

This morning, members of EuroCham Cambodia's Board of Directors and staff met with EU-ASEAN Business Council(EU-ABC) Executive Director Chris Humphrey and Advocacy Executive Jenniefer Setiawan to discuss the agenda for the upcoming EU-ASEAN Business Summit scheduled for this fall.

With Cambodia chairing ASEAN, there’s an opportunity to present the country as an attractive investment destination to Europe and beyond. EuroCham will work closely with the EU-ABC to plan the organization’s flagship event and pave the way for collaboration as delegations from Europe arrive in the fall to discuss the business climate in the region.

Among other topics, the EU-ABC is focused on greening supply chains in the region, strengthening the circular economy, and improving healthcare systems in Cambodia.

EuroCham looks forward to partnering with EU-ABC as the EU-ASEAN Business Summit approaches to promote Cambodia as an ideal trading partner for countries within the EU.


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