The Sustainable Production Action (SPA) Group Meeting on the White Paper

The Sustainable Production Action (SPA) Group met Thursday afternoon to discuss their upcoming white paper on policy recommendations to improve the sustainable business climate in Cambodia.

The discussion touched on issues such as certification, fair wages, Human Rights Environmental Due Diligence (HREDD) regulations, and exporting potential.

To increase the potential for these businesses to thrive in the Kingdom, the group is discussing possible paths forward to make the certification processes easier. Businesses in this sector rely on internationally recognized certifications to compete globally, and if they are not easily accessible, it puts them at a disadvantage.

Moreover, companies need more access to sustainable packaging materials and must be incentivized to "greenify" their supply chain. The current domestic market for sustainable products is small, but information-sharing campaigns highlighting the importance of sustainably produced goods could help change that.

Additionally, upcoming European HREDD regulations will focus on improving human rights and sustainable operations at companies in Cambodia that supply goods or services to Europe-based companies.

The group will soon publish a White Paper outlining recommendations to improve sustainable production!

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