Understanding the Risks of Smoking: A Crucial Message from Bumrungrad’s Pulmonology Experts

Understanding the Risks of Smoking: A Crucial Message from Bumrungrad’s Pulmonology Experts 

In our ongoing commitment to public health, it is imperative to address the grave risks associated with smoking. Bumrungrad International Hospital's Pulmonology Department is at the forefront of treating lung-related ailments, and our specialists continually witness the dire consequences of smoking. This message is not meant to frighten but to inform and encourage positive change for a healthier life. 

Smoking is a leading cause of several preventable diseases, including lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and heart disease. The statistics are stark: smokers are up to 23 times more likely to develop lung cancer and about 12 to 13 times more likely to die from COPD compared to non-smokers. These numbers are not just figures; they represent real lives affected daily by the choice to smoke. 

The addictive nature of nicotine makes quitting smoking a significant challenge, but it is not an impossible one. Every cigarette not smoked is a step towards better health. Quitting smoking can reduce the risk of these diseases dramatically over time, and it is never too late to start the journey toward cessation. 

At Bumrungrad International Hospital, our Pulmonology Department offers comprehensive support for those looking to quit smoking. Our specialists use a combination of medication, counseling, and personalized care plans to help patients overcome addiction. We understand the journey is different for everyone, and we are committed to providing the support needed at every step. 

We encourage anyone concerned about the effects of smoking on their health to consult with our experts. Taking the step to quit smoking is not just a personal victory; it will benefit your health and longevity.

Provided by Dr. Pantaree Aswanetmanee 

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