Bumrungrad Health Briefs #19: Nurturing Milestones in Childhood Development

Nurturing Milestones in Childhood Development

As parents, we cherish the remarkable journey of watching our children grow, witnessing each milestone achieved, and celebrating every new discovery. From those precious first smiles to the confident steps they take, childhood development is a journey of wonder and excitement. At Bumrungrad International Hospital, we are committed to supporting families every step of the way.

Key Developmental Stages:

Birth to 1 Year: A critical period for physical and cognitive growth. Infants develop focus, explore with hands and mouth, and start babbling. Most are walking and speaking simple words by their first birthday.

Ages 1 to 3: Toddlers enhance motor skills, explore more, and begin forming short sentences. Emotional and social development accelerates, with toddlers expressing desires and showing independence.

Ages 3 to 5: Preschoolers improve motor skills with activities like tricycle riding and shape drawing. Language skills evolve alongside a growing imagination. They learn about friendships and sharing.

Ages 5 to 8: Children further refine earlier skills. They excel in physical activities and develop reading and writing abilities, along with longer attention spans.

Our experienced pediatricians at Bumrungrad International Hospital focus on individual needs, recognizing and addressing developmental delays early. We believe each child is unique, with milestones varying from one to another. Regular consultations with our pediatricians ensure your child’s development is on the right track, providing tailored care and support for your peace of mind.

Provided by Dr. Raksina Yankiattipong

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