Breakfast Talk on Renewable Energy Target (RE100)

This morning at Hotel Cambodiana, EuroCham resumed its breakfast talk series with an interactive session on "How can European Brands Meet RE100 and Other Global Climate Goals in Cambodia?".

We brought together an excellent panel of experts and speakers who shared their knowledge and insights on Cambodia’s green future and what climate goals mean for businesses in terms of challenges and opportunities. Through an interactive panel discussion, the breakfast talk allowed our more than 70 participants to exchange thoughts with the panel on renewable energy, climate goals, waste management and what businesses and policymakers in Cambodia can do to ensure that all stakeholders could reap the benefits of a green future.

We would like to sincerely thank all attendees, as well as our great speakers from BEE Incorporations, H&M, Adidas Sourcing Limited and Global Green Growth Institute Cambodia for their participation and support. 

We look forward to welcoming you again in our next breakfast talk, next Monday 18 January on "Labour Compliance: New Rules and Tools for Labour Inspection".



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