Business Solution Partner - Redbridge Group


EuroCham Cambodia would like to introduce our 2021 Business Solution Partner, REDBRIDGE GROUP.

Founded in 2019 following the great dynamism of the Cambodia economy, REDBRIDGE is a local and innovative company which offers an all-inclusive solution to businesses and individuals, including:

  • REDBRIDGE Real Estate and Loan Brokerage Services: partnerships with banks, developers, and real estate companies, to provide high quality service which helps customers to find the best loan solution to achieve their project; and 
  • REDBRIDGE Consulting: a global consulting service involving experienced professionals from international consulting companies and organizations. REDBRIDGE also provides Property Sourcing Real Estate and Investment Consulting. 

For more information about our business solution partner, go to:

EuroCham is grateful for the ongoing support and trust from our partners and looks forward to building more exciting journeys together.

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