EuroCham Virtual Meeting with the Head of Sectoral Committees and Working Groups.

Yesterday, EuroCham held a virtual meeting with the heads of all its sectorial committees and working groups, to discuss their upcoming initiatives and a global strategy to further expand EuroCham’s advocacy work and activities.

Advocacy is crucial to EuroCham and our members, especially now that we are working hard on having a constructive and positive impact on the country’s economic recovery plans. There is a tremendous interest of the public in our advocacy work, which we can channel in the right direction thanks to the dedication and hard work of our 29 Sectorial Chair- and vice-Chairpersons, together with our expanding advocacy team.

To express our gratitude to our Chairpersons in particular, we invited them after our brainstorming meeting to a small covid-safe reception at Topaz restaurant. We are looking forward to all exciting work and plans ahead!

Special thanks to our Platinum Partner, Thalias Hospitality, for their support in hosting this pleasant gathering and our member Pernod Ricard (Cambodge) for the wonderful presents to the participants.

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